Hungary border guards apprehend almost 270,000 illegal immigrants at their southern border.

In the year 2022, 269,254 illegal immigrants were caught trying to enter illegally by the Hungarian border guards. That’s more than double the figure from 2021, which stood at 122,339.

In a statement issued by the Hungarian government, Hungary’s Chief Security Adviser György Bakondi said that in 2022 his country’s authorities arrested 1,924 people smugglers, up from 1,277 in 2021.

He went on to add that the number of people smugglers held in Hungarian prisons stands at 2,500. The smugglers held in prison are from 73 different countries.

Bakondi also revealed that last years border protection cost a total of 1.63 billion euros, 98.5 per cent of which was covered by Hungary’s central budget. Bakondi also pointed out that the number of illegal entries is increasing dramatically.

Hungary remains the main route for illegal immigrants travelling from the Balkans with the help of people smugglers. These illegal immigrants mainly originate from nations such as Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Morocco, and India.

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