The illegal Channel crossings have continued after a short break due to rough weather.

Yesterday, 87 illegal immigrants were ferried to Dover after being picked up mid-Channel from French escorts.

The vast majority, like usual were young fighting-aged males. They were taken to Dover by Border Force and then driven by coach to Manston to be ‘processed’. Then it’s just a short trip by coach to their taxpayer-funded hotel.

Despite Sunak taking credit for the weather and claiming Channel crossings are down 20%, in reality, it was nothing to do with the Conservative Party or Rishi Sunak.

The illegal Channel crossings also continued throughout the night, as well as this morning. Hurricane, Ranger and Defender did two trips of heading out to pick up illegals from French escorts.

Below is a dinghy that launched from Northern France yesterday evening.

At an estimate, I would say at least 200-300 illegals have arrived by dinghy since late last night. There is also a very strong possibility that there will be more crossings later on tonight and tomorrow morning.

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