Illegal Channel Crossings Continue


39 Illegal immigrants crossed the Channel late Saturday night.

Despite what mainstream commentators and lying politicians say, the crossings were blocked by the weather, not the Rwanda deal. I did state this numerous times but people refused to listen.

(Posted before my Twitter ban)

At 12.30 am, RNLI Lifeboat ferried in 39 illegal immigrants. They were picked up mid-channel after being escorted by the French Coastguard.

These illegal immigrants will not be flown straight to Rwanda as many people have stated.

MPs taking credit for the weather and Conservative commentators misleading the public have all been nothing more than an attempt to win seats at the upcoming local elections.

More crossings will continue from around 6 am on Sunday 1st, with reports from French sources stating that there are hundreds of illegal immigrants waiting to leave the Northern French beaches.

The Royal Navy, Border Force and RNLI lifeboats will be busy for the next week as the weather is perfect for crossings. At an estimate, I would say close to 3,000.

CC: Lord Springfield

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