An Illegal Immigrant housed at Napier Barracks has assaulted a Police Officer after refusing to adhere to Covid-19 quarantine rules.

The incident started by the illegal immigrant scaling the main entrance of Napier Barracks, in attempt to ‘escape’. He was repeatedly told by police to ‘get down’ from the fence. 

The resident of the ex-military barracks refused to listen to the police officers’ instructions and threw himself of the fence onto the road outside of the barracks. Once the illegal immigrant landed outside, he was asked by police officers to return inside the barracks. 

The man refused so had to be returned by force. Two officers scuffled with the illegal immigrant before eventually carrying him back into Napier barracks.  

Once he was returned the illegal immigrant claimed his leg was hurting. The injuries were most likely sustained from throwing himself of the gate onto the road. 

Shortly after he was returned, the illegal immigrant then escaped again and when officers went to engage with him, he physically assaulted a police officer. The man has since been arrested and taken to custody. 

Kent Police said in a statement that:

“Officers had been in the area of the camp when they were made aware of a Covid breach… Officers were required to use reasonable force to physically return him safely back inside… The same male was then later seen again outside of the barracks and when officers engaged with him, he assaulted an officer and was arrested and taken into custody.” 

Illegal immigrants have been prohibited from leaving the barracks since January, when they had an outbreak of Covid-19. 

Last Friday Illegal Immigrants assaulted staff members on the site, vandalised many facilities and set fire to one of the buildings. An investigation is ongoing.  


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