In Dunkirk, French police have once again initiated an operation to disperse illegal immigrant camps, continuing a recurring pattern that seems to provide no lasting solution.


The frequent police operations aimed at dismantling illegal immigrant camps in Dunkirk appear caught in a seemingly endless cycle. Rather than addressing the core issue, these actions often result in the relocation of illegals to different sites, perpetuating the problem.

Through covert means, I managed to meet with an NGO working in the area last summer. They disclosed that the French police often notify them in advance of impending evictions.

This arrangement enables the NGO to assist in relocating illegal immigrants to other pre-arranged sites. Such cooperation underscores the corruption within the French police.

The recurring operations to disperse illegal immigrant camps in Dunkirk highlight a persistently challenging issue. While these actions may temporarily disrupt settlements, they often result in the relocation of illegals, emphasising the need for a more comprehensive and sustainable solution to address the underlying problems of illegal immigration in the region.

Simply moving illegals from A to B is ineffective. The solution should be to detain the illegal immigrants and then return them to their homeland if possible. 

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