Over 60 Illegal Immigrants Arrived So Far This Weekend 

At the early hours of this morning 49 illegal immigrants arrived by small boat. They were picked up mid Channel by the Border Force. They were reportedly taken to various hotels.

The majority that arrived were young men between twenty to thirty years of age. On this very rare occasion roughly ten women and two children were amongst the arrivals.

Credit: Patriotic Crusader

They arrived on three small boats. The slight ‘break’ in weather gave these people the opportunity to cross illegally. The weather will now be too rough to make the crossing for the next few days.

One man who uses the name ‘Patriotic Crusader’, witnessed the arrivals and said “There was 3 boats today and roughly 40-50 illegals that arrived, there was also two small children… Today started out really early with them arriving from about 6am.” 

Late last night 6 illegal immigrants thought to be East African, arrived on a boat at around 12.30am. Another 13 arrived the day before (Friday 5th) on two boats. 

All of this is happening whilst we are in the middle of a pandemic and national lockdown. Many people have questioned if illegal immigration is a key factor in the spread of the virus.

In total over the last two days 102 people have been stopped from attempting the crossing. They were returned to France by the French authorities. The majority of those were stopped on, or near French beaches in Northern France. 

Credit: Patriotic Crusader

Over 280 Illegal immigrants have arrived this year by small boats. The Home Office is yet to release the ‘official’ figure. 

January 9th has been the busiest day of the year so far with 103 arriving in six boats. 


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