The Illegal Immigrants currently being housed at Napier Barracks have set fire to one of the buildings on the ex-military site.  

Today the illegal immigrants began causing trouble and smashing up various areas of Napier Barracks. They then began to threaten staff at the facility before finally setting the buildings on fire. 

They vandalised many of the facilities in the ex-military barracks. This happened a day after far-left activists chucked fake blood all over the gates of Napier Barracks.  

Thick smoke could be seen coming from Napier Barracks and 8 fire engines had to be called to the scene as well as many police and ambulances.  

The illegal immigrants were reportedly threatening staff with knives and being very hostile and aggressive. They then began to set things on fire. Police in full riot gear had to enter the barracks to control the situation. 

Members of staff had to barricade themselves in a room to protect themselves. 

One member of staff who didn’t wish to be named said “Many of the residents became very angry and started becoming very violent… A few were furious that they had to remain in the camp whilst many of their fellow residents had been moved to a hotel”. 

The Napier Barracks site isn’t new to trouble. Many protests have been staged by the illegal immigrants. They believe the ex-military barracks isn’t fit to live in.

There have been no reported injuries but the risk that many people were placed under cannot be ignored. 

Priti Patel the Home Secretary said in a statement: 

Many people have taken to social media to express their outrage at what is happening and how the illegal immigrants are reacting to being put into housing that was fit for our soldiers. Many believe that they shouldn’t be moved to a hotel but instead the guilty illegal immigrants should have their asylum claims stopped and should be deported.


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