Illegal Immigrants Steer Dinghy Straight Into Dover Port 


A Dinghy with nine Illegal immigrants on-board steered a Dinghy straight into Dover port.

At around 5.45pm this evening, a Dinghy with nine illegal immigrants on-board steered itself into the Eastern docks in Dover. The illegal immigrants were using a torch to see where they were going.

As the Dinghy steered into the Eastern docks, they almost collided with the P&O ferry ‘Pride of Canterbury’ as it was leaving the port.

After avoiding the ferry, the nine illegal immigrants climbed the steps of the Eastern arm, where two Dover port police vans were parked waiting for them. Crew on board the ‘Pride of Canterbury’ had reported the incident to the coastguard.

Earlier today, roughly 40 illegal immigrants arrived after Fourmentin (French coastguard) had escorted the illegal immigrants to the middle of the Channel. Once mid-Channel they were picked up by Valiant, who had been called to collect them. Valiant ferried the illegal immigrants back to Dover.

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