Over 77% of the public see Illegal Immigration as a serious problem.

The majority of the UK see Illegal immigration as a problem yet their voice is being constantly ignored from the government. The mainstream media always portray the image that ‘refugees are welcome’ but the reality is that the average person in the UK is extremely concerned about the issue. They also don’t agree with facilitating in human trafficking.  

Another major concern is that there are thousands of homeless people in the UK living on the streets, Veterans and children included and they are being ignored whilst people who enter illegally are being placed into hotels. The people feel confused and betrayed. 

Illegal Immigrants are currently being housed all over the UK and people are starting to question why this is being allowed to happen. Thousands and thousands of people have been contacting their local MPs raising concerns over this issue. Anti-Illegal Immigration protests have been held. It is one of the major concerns to many in the UK right now yet the issue is still being ignored. 

There are various ways in which a person can become an illegal immigrant. The most obvious reason is entering the UK illegally via small boat, on the back of a lorry etc. Also remaining in the UK after an asylum claim has failed. Many people who have entered legally either for a short visit for work, study or family reasons, and then remaining after permission to remain here has expired also become Illegal Immigrants. 

On average 15,000 illegal ‘lorry drops’ happen a year that we know of. Just under a third of these are intercepted before they enter the UK but once they enter UK territory they are not returned to France/Belgium.  

It is not known how many have overstayed their visas due to the failure of ‘exit checks’. 

Last year in 2020 the Home Office announced that 8,500 Illegal Immigrants entered the UK via small boat (dinghy). The year before (2019) it was under 1,900. 

On average the Illegal Immigrants pay between £2,000 – £4,000 to cross the English Channel. 

The scale of Illegal Immigration Is growing rapidly. The incentives for the people to come to the UK are too good. Until the asylum policies are changed it will continue to happen.

Upon arrival as an ‘asylum seeker’ they will be given somewhere to live. This could be a flat, house, hostel or bed and breakfast. They will also be given access to cash loaded onto a debit card, the NHS and any children will also be given an education. If they are pregnant, they can apply for a ‘one off’ £300 payment, or if their child is under 6 weeks old. 

Most Illegal Immigrants are housed in hotels whilst they wait for asylum claims to be processed. Some are placed in open ex-military barracks. 

Even if people are refused Asylum, they will still be giving somewhere to live as well as £35.39 per person on a payment card for food, clothing and toiletries. They can also apply for a £250 ‘one off’ payment if they are pregnant or have a child under 6 weeks old. 

It costs the taxpayer between £4,255 and £7,820 per year through the use of public services such as health, education and welfare benefits (Government statistics). 

People who knowingly enter the UK without permission or overstay are guilty of a criminal offence (see Section 24 the Immigration Act 1971). Despite that 129 MPs signed a pledge in the summer of 2019 to not report suspected illegal immigrants to the authorities.

Deliberately ignoring illegal behaviour is grossly irresponsible. 

Calls for amnesty are ridiculous and would only reward illegal behaviour as well as being completely unfair to the people who go through the correct channels. 

The government has a duty of care to protect and enforce the UK’s borders. Not stopping Illegal immigration is a serious failure of governance. 

It’s extremely difficult to get a figure on the true scale of Illegal Immigration as a lot of the information isn’t released to the public. Only vague statistics and the odd press conference from the Home Office.  

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