The Home Office have announced that they are to be moving the illegal immigrants out of Penally Barracks into alternative accommodation.

Chris Philp, the immigration minister has stated that it is intended to move the residents of the camp into ‘suitable dispersed accommodation as soon as reasonably practical’ and hoping to start immediately.

20 of the illegal immigrants at Penally have already been moved into alternative accommodation.

It is not known as of yet, where this other accommodation is to be. Over 61,000 are currently being accommodated by the Home Office in various hotels, barracks and immigration centres throughout the UK.

The controversial decision to use Penally in this way was met with outrage from the locals.

The illegal immigrants residing at Penally barracks have staged multiple protests encouraged by far left radicals using the camp to push their own agendas. They claim the ex military barracks are inhumane.

The residents of Penally crossed the Channel illegaly from France. Before passing through various other safe nations.

It has cost the taxpayer over £1 million just to police the barracks in the first 8 weeks of the barracks housing them.