An Iranian man has been jailed for 2 years, for piloting a dinghy with 14 illegal immigrants across the English Channel. 

Sadrallah Bahador, 35, has been jailed for two years for assisting in unlawful immigration. He was picked up last July by a Border Force vessel from a dinghy (RHIB) which was carrying 14 people, 15 including the pilot.

The dinghy was heading towards the UK. Border Force picked up Sadrallah and the passengers and brought them to Dover. They were then ‘processed’ and taken to a hotel. 

Drone footage from the Home Office showed that Sadrallah Bahador was piloting the dinghy. 

Dan O’Mahoney, Channel Threat Commander, said: 

“The crossings were only made possible by pilots who take control of vessels… That is why it is so important that we continue to prosecute those who have taken the helm and demonstrate that there are serious consequences to their actions.” 

Bahador admitted to assisting unlawful immigration at Canterbury Crown Court and sentenced at the same hearing. 

It does raise the question of, why aren’t these people receiving tougher punishments? This man will most likely only serve half of his sentence. 

Most illegal Immigrants pay between 2-4,000 Euros per person to cross the Channel. This man piloted 14 towards the UK. 223 illegal immigrants arrived by small boat in January 2021.  


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