Just Under 600 Illegals In One Day 

Nearly 600 people made the 21-mile trip across the English Channel on a single day this week, a new daily record that breaks a previous of 495. 

Latest figures provided by the Home Office on Friday night claim at least 592 illegal immigrants were intercepted in their illegal attempts to cross the Channel into Britain on Thursday — a record for a single day. 

Roughly 155 people were intercepted by French authorities and returned to the continent on Thursday, although they have failed to provide any evidence. 

Over 11,500 illegal immigrants have now been successful in crossing the Dover Strait aboard small boats (dinghies) in 2021. 

Over 500 dinghies have been used by illegal immigrants and smugglers to cross the English Channel. 

There have been well over 50 beach landings this year with over 7 happening on Thursday in locations such as Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Hythe, Dungeness, Folkestone, and Samphire Hoe. 

On Thursday a 27-year-old Eritrean man died after attempting to cross the Channel illegally, he got into difficulty and ended up in the water when his boat began to sink. He was airlifted to a Calais hospital, where he later died. 

A manslaughter investigation is now underway in France following his death. 

On Friday, The Home Office said 25 people reached the UK aboard one boat, while others were returned to France, but again no evidence was provided. 

Home Secretary Priti Patel and her department have repeatedly vowed to make the Channel route “unviable”, but crossings have continued to rise, the numbers will be treble that of last year.

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