Mark is suffering from various injuries due to his brutal arrest in Hyde park at the anti-lockdown protest. He was kicked and punched by the police.

On Saturday 20th, Mark was brutally kicked by the police at anti lockdown protest. He was recording footage on his phone and absolutely no threat to the police. 

On Saturday 20th, an anti-lockdown protest was held in central London. The protest was peaceful right up until the police arrived at Hyde Park with riot gear. They then began to march on towards protesters. 

It was during this time that the incident occurred. Mark was stood in front of myself recording what the police were doing on his phone. He stepped to the side to move out of the way as the police were moving forward and then went to walk away. 

As he did this the police then grab him, punch him, throw him to the ground. He was then eventually kicked a couple of times by an officer.  

The police call this method a ‘leg sweep’ however this didn’t look like a leg sweep or even the slightest bit necessary, the man was no threat and surrounded by at least a dozen police officers. 

I spoke to Mark a few days after this incident and he told me how he had to go to hospital to get x-rays due to the injuries he received. Mark said:  

“I had an x-ray on my knee and I’m now walking with a limp… My wrists are all very sore, I can’t feel my little finger or thumb at times… My Shoulder and neck are killing me, I can’t turn my head completely to the right and I can’t lift my arm over my head… I’ve lost loads of sleep and have been having nightmares” 

Mark suffers from mental health conditions which I won’t go into detail with due to it being a personal matter. However, those events have caused him more problems especially with nightmares and lack of sleep as well as physical pain. 

Mark plans on taking legal action against the police. He has sent various amounts of footage to his solicitor. He told me that he has a very strong case. Mark was held in a police cell for 16 hours. He also filed a complaint upon his release.

I asked Mark if he could tell me how he remembered the arrest, he said: 

“I got kicked in the head repeatedly and was punched repeatedly. Not sure how many times it was all a blur” 

Mark attended the anti-lockdown protest to march for his freedom alongside thousands of others. The entire day was peaceful until the events at Hyde Park.  

36 arrests were made on the day. The majority were charged with a breach of Covid restrictions. 

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