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In our last article in November, we revealed that as of the 10th of November, the Home Office were using 419 hotels to accommodate ‘asylum seekers’ & Afghans brought here under the resettlement scheme.

We recently requested an update on this figure. The Home Office replied stating:

“The most recent figures show that as of 31 December 2022, the number of hotels used to accommodate asylum seekers in receipt of asylum support, plus those who have come to the UK via resettlement schemes from Afghanistan was 452”

So that’s an extra 33 hotels.

The last figures on cost showed the government were spending £5.6 million per day to house ‘asylum seekers’ in hotels & £1.2 million to house Afghans brought here under the official resettlement programme.

An extra 33 hotels could be a significant increase in cost as some of the hotels, especially those around the airports, are housing over a thousand people.

For example, The Atrium Hotel at Heathrow has 581 rooms, the majority of which are double rooms. At times this hotel is accommodating in excess of 1,000 ‘asylum seekers’, most of whom are Afghans who crossed The Channel illegally via dinghy. There are also some Indians at The Atrium. Since the start of the year, they’ve become the third-largest group crossing The Channel.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel at Heathrow has 465 bedrooms, the majority of which are double rooms. This hotel is housing mainly Albanians and last year nearly a thousand were being accommodated there.

Due to numerous outbreaks of violence, The Home Office try to house people together, based on country of origin, where possible. This does not bode well for our towns and cities once they are housed in our communities.

Even though an extra 33 hotels doesn’t sound like much it could mean that thousands more people were moved into hotel accommodation in that 51-day period that we have figures for. This would mean a considerable increase in the last cost figures made public by The Home Office.

We will of course keep monitoring this figure and keep you up to date when we get new updates.

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