Lawless Anarchists Prevent The Removal Of Illegal Immigrants


Written by Little Miss

Tonight in Edinburgh, Home Office immigration officials were prevented from carrying out their duties by a baying mob on the streets.

Immigration Enforcement officials were seen in Nicholson Square from around 6.45 pm and various left-wing groups called for people to mobilise via social media.

A message read:

“URGENT: The immigrants are in Beirut Restaurant on Nicholson Street attempting to remove staff. Please get down there to block the van and stop the removal”

Police were called and it’s reported those detained were de-arrested Immigration Officers can be seen fleeing from the scene, followed by the police to a waiting van.

The mob then celebrate with one attendee posting

“Been down to Nicholson Square tonight to join protests to stop Home Office deportations. Detainees were de-arrested and immigration officers left. Proud of #Edinburgh for mobilising quickly and standing strong” #RefugeesWelcomeHere”

What message have the Home Office and the police sent out here? Mob rule wins would seem to be the answer.

This is disgraceful from SNP MP Martin Docherty-Hughes, here he is tweeting his support for the anarchists disrupting and preventing government officials from carrying out their jobs.

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