Written by: Little Miss

Just a couple of days after the 9th anniversary of the brutal slaughter of Fusilier Lee Rigby on the streets of our country, Conservative MP Kevin Hollinrake suggested that asylum seekers due to be housed at Linton-on-Ouse are a threat to our armed forces personnel.

MP Kevin Hollinrake said:

“So, you’re basically saying to service personnel, or former service personnel, who live in the village, and it’s commonly known where they live, and there may be that people hold a grudge, some of the service users may hold a grudge against service personnel who’ve fought in Iraq and elsewhere, that that grudge that may be held against them, may put their own lives at peril”

“No consideration has been made of that. It cannot be right that the Home Office is not showing a reasonable duty of care to the local residents”

Yes, you’ve read that right. This ‘Conservative’ MP openly admits his party is allowing people into the country who are hostile towards us and our country, which could potentially result in a terror attack on a member of our armed forces.

A former member of staff who worked on the RAF base as an air traffic controller, added:

“You are now bringing potential terrorists and sitting them at the heart of a military garrison. I won’t be happy wearing my military badges”

An RAF pilot who lives in the village said:

“I’ve served in Syria. I’m a prime target, as are my family.”

Having skirted too close to some uncomfortable truths Mr Hollinrake backpedals and states that he welcomes asylum seekers but wants them to be housed in more suitable locations. In other words, not in his backyard.

I fully expect armed forces personnel in the area of the country to be told not to wear their uniforms or military badges outside of the workplace.

That’s how far this country has fallen, we pacify and remove possible triggers for potential terrorists rather than stopping importing these dangers to our shores.


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