Mass immigration is a serious problem.

Mass immigration is a serious problem that needs to be addressed by our government but the reason they don’t is because many politicians from all scales of life are fearful of being branded a racist. They are ignoring the issue.

Another factor to why the issue isn’t tackled is the fact that the number of immigrants now living in the UK are a massive number of votes and the mainstream parties don’t want to risk losing these potential voters. So, the overwhelming issue of mass immigration is inevitably ignored and swept under the rug. 

Why should we care about mass immigration? 

Well under the current projections, white British are to become a minority in their homeland by the year 2066. If not sooner if our government doesn’t get a grip on immigration as a whole. Under the current census the white population of Britain is around 87% However that’s not White British, that figure is around 75%. 

Immigration is the root cause to the decline of the White British people but not the only defining factor. Birth rates of immigrants is genuinely higher than that of white British. For example, the white British birth-rate is 1.5 per person, well below the recommended birth rate. The recommended birth rate for a nation is 2.1 to sustain a stable population without an influx of immigrants. 

The problem with our low birth rate is that it is competing with ethnicity’s that have a far higher birth-rate. India and Pakistan average at around a 3.1 birth-rate and some nations in Africa such as Mali have a 7.1 birth rate. 

When you add into the context of hundreds of thousands of people from various third world nations entering the UK and then they have children, then their children have children and its not too hard to understand that we are being outbred at a significant rate. 

The solution as I see it, isn’t to import more immigrants but to promote strong family values and encourage people to settle down and start families. Have white British kids, I’ve had three. That’s the way to protect our legacy and future.

Our birth rate is low because the ‘modern culture’ has taught people to look down on parents who stay at home and raise children rather than go to work, LGBT is promoted everywhere and the all round cost of having a family, buying a home etc is just not affordable for so many people. Parents who stay at home and look after children should be celebrated, they’re raising our future. I’m just vaguely pointing out some issues of modern Britain which is leading to our decline.

White British are already a minority in London, Birmingham, Leicester, Luton and Slough. Many other cities across the UK will soon face the same outcome. Urban areas with a lot of low skilled minimum wage jobs are the places that are seeing the most drastic change. 

From the year 2000 to 2010 London saw net loss of 620k white British with many fleeing to the North East to avoid the drastic changes in their capital city.  Even the London Mayor is from Pakistani heritage and a Sunni Muslim.  

We are a minority in our capital city, that’s not right 

The most common name in England in 2017 and 2018 was Mohammed. A very British name aye. 

Roughly by the year 2036 our children will be a minority in our schools, we will basically be foreigners in our homeland. 

Over Last 50-60 years almost all European nations have adopted immigration policies which will replace native Europeans in their home nations by third world immigrants.  

The scale of which this is happening has never before been seen. This all-started way back with the influx of immigrants from the commonwealth and then that opened the door to the entire world. Then fast-forward to Tony Blair and well that traitor needs no introduction, we all know how he sold our children’s future. 

No mainstream party is against any of this mass immigration. If anything, they encourage it. Under a ‘conservative’ government we’ve witnessed the largest growth of immigration ever and no sign of slowing down. Build back better they say.

Is Britain really better without the native British? 

Illegal immigration is a problem but compared to the overwhelming scale of legal immigration, it’s a mere drop in the ocean. 

Britain is drowning in immigration and nobody it seems is capable of actually stopping it or have the power to do so. 

The wealthy who benefit from mass immigration have no intention of stopping it when they can get cheap labour and don’t have to live in the areas in which people are affected.  They just sit in their ivory towers telling us diversity is our strength. It’s not. 

The majority of the population wants immigration either stopped or reduced which really does beg the question…

Why do so many people still vote for the parties that won’t deliver on what they want? 

We owe it to our ancestors and our descendants to keep our culture, heritage and ethnicity as a majority in our homeland.

Britain is for the British, not for the world to take. 

This issue can no longer be ignored and when we next get the opportunity, we must all come together to find a solution. If we don’t, our wonderful nation will fall to the third world. As the saying goes.. 

Import the third world… become the third world. 

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