Mass Immigration has kept UK wages low for many years, especially those on the low skill level. The competition for those jobs has grown substantially.

With thousands and thousands of immigrants arriving to the UK every year, the competition for these jobs has grown. Employers no longer need to worry about increasing the wage to make a job more appealing because if one person turns the job down then somebody else will take it. Hundreds of people are applying for the same job at times.

When there is too much competition for work then the wages will remain low, those in low skilled work that many can do will be affected the worst. As they are deemed ‘replaceable’. All mass immigration does is inevitably lead to mass unemployment and an increase in organised crime.

At the end of 2019 Immigration reached the height of 700,000 in total since 1992, with just under 400,000 emigrating.

Mass Immigration Graph

Which leaves over 300,000 jobs that are to be competed for. The majority of those will be low skilled work. Take into account companies ticking diversity boxes and you will begin to notice that the British working class are being left behind and forgotten about.

It’s not just low skilled workers that have to compete. High skilled jobs have more competition aswell. Sure the working class takes the brunt of the struggle but let’s not ignore the fact that it’s an issue for all of us from various different backgrounds.

Studying and work are the most common reasons for Immigration into the UK.

By the end of the year 2019, 219,000 immigrants came to the UK for work, 236,000 came to study and 222,000 came for ‘other’ reasons.

Immigration is getting out of control and the powers that be have no intention of slowing or reversing this problem. Thisnis without even mentioning the various other problems that comes with mass immigration such as housing problems, mixing of cultures, religious differences etc.

All of the figures above doesn’t account for illegal immigration. Those figures are hard to get an exact amount on due to the fact only the figures for small boat (dinghy) crossings has been released/recorded.

It also doesn’t take into account how many children and grandchildren of immigrants live here as they will be recorded as ‘British’.


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