Today at Dover port there was a massive police presence whilst over 60 illegal immigrants were ferried ashore.

Over 60 illegal immigrants were picked up mid Channel by the Border Force. The illegal immigrants were thought to be escorted towards UK waters. They were then ferried to Dover to be processed. 

There was three ‘Loyalty Connections‘ coaches sat waiting to take the illegal immigrants to a four star hotel. I asked one of the drivers what hotel are they going to and he said “Its not worth me telling you and losing my job”.

Dockside in Dover there was a massive police presence, with some officers being from Cheshire Constabulary as well as Kent Police. They were all waiting at the top of the gangway and around the processing facilities at Dover.

Unconfirmed reports claimed that the large police presence was due to one of the illegal immigrants being on the ‘wanted list’ for terror related crimes. No further information on this matter has been released. 

Amongst today’s arrivals was two young children and what appeared to be their mother.  

One of the illegal immigrants arrived by stretcher and was carried by Border Force officials to the processing tents. It is unknown on the condition of this person. They were seen with an oxygen tank between their legs and appeared to be unconscious 

The rest of the illegal arrivals were young men, their age and nationalities unknown.  

Today’s arrivals were the first to appear since 87 arrived on Saturday 28th. The number of arrivals for this year is almost 600. Compared to last year which was just under 260. 

This year will see record breaking figures again as every monthly milestone is being overtaken with the figures doubled from this time last year. 

In the year 2020 a record 8,410 illegal immigrants arrived by small boat. In 2019 it was only 1,850.  

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