Michael Gove could replace Priti Patel at the Home Office if the illegal immigration on the Kent coast continues.

Boris Johnson has been becoming incredibly frustrated at the Home Secretary’s handling of the massive influx of illegal immigrants crossing the Channel.

So far, this year, 11,000 people have completed the crossing from war torn France — with a record 495 arriving in the UK on just one day last week.

In 3 days, just under 1,300 illegal immigrants arrived by dinghy from the European Union, the overwhelming majority coming from France.

The rise has continued without so much as a hiccup, despite numerous claims from Priti Patel that she’s going to deal with it.

But as strong as her words may seem we have not been met with similarly forceful action, one minister told the Mail On Sunday that:

“Her days in the Home Office may be numbered”.

The news emerged just a couple of days ago, after the Prime Minister has grown increasingly frustrated with what he regards as the:

“Home Office’s failure to stem the wave of boats crossing the Channel.”

The Home Office is a demanding job, and this news will most certainly not be appreciated by Patel and her team. 

Illegal immigration is completely out of control and has no visible deterrent on actually stopping the illegals arriving into our waters. A complete reshuffle wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

Number 10 stated that:

“We don’t comment on reshuffle speculation.”

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