Simon Baynes MP, Minister of Justice and Illegal Migration has claimed that the MOD and Border Force are doing all they can to prevent Channel crossings.

Despite the obvious fact that the Border Force and MOD are actively facilitating the crossings, Simon Baynes MP said in a tweet:

“Today I met ground staff at Dover’s Western Jet Foil and Manston sites working to prevent Channel crossings.”

He then went on to add the usual government soundbites:

“Shocking to see up close the unseaworthy boats run by the criminal gangs that continue to put lives at risk – we must crack down on those profiting from this evil trade.”

These comments are not the type of reactions the public wants to hear from the Minister of Justice and Illegal Migration.

The comments were made after Simon made a ‘private’ visit to the Western docks, in Dover. Simon was seen greeting Border Force and Royal Navy officers. He was also given a tour of the new Border Force vessel Volunteer. Simon also took a few selfies and had a private photographer following him amongst his entourage.

The Minister refused to speak to any press and conveniently left before the influx of illegal immigrants continued.

Simons’s comments are an absolute kick in the face to the public who can clearly see that the Border Force is actively encouraging the crossings. They head out and collect almost every dinghy that arrives from French escorts. They even have a call centre that the illegal immigrants can use for the rare instances when they aren’t spotted by the Coastguard, Navy or Border Force.

Upon arrival, the illegal immigrants are processed, fed, clothed, given new mobile phones and anything else they could possibly need before being driven by coach to a three or four-star hotel.

From my perspective, these actions are in no way whatsoever preventing Channel crossings. They are not just facilitating them, they are actively encouraging them.

This year we’ve had roughly 21,000 illegal immigrants arrive by boat (that we know about). Yesterday (August 17th) 606 illegal immigrants arrived on 12 boats.

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