This morning after a slight break in the weather, 10 illegal immigrants arrived with the assistance of the Border Force. 

Border Force vessel intercepted the illegal immigrants after French navy vessel ‘Themis’ let the dinghy cross into UK waters. 

Vigilant then handed the 10 illegal immigrants to the Border Force Cutter ‘Hunter’ which ferried them to Dover to be processed. 

Once processed they were loaded onto coaches which were sat waiting from the early hours of this morning. 

Ten illegal immigrants arrived this morning, nine adults and one child.

This was made possible as there was a slight break in the weather and the sea state dropped to Force 2. With the sea conditions relatively calm, the illegal boat crossings continued. 

Two dinghies were returned to France as they physically couldn’t complete the illegal journey to UK waters, however one boat did manage to make it and was quickly intercepted by the Border Force. 

That brings this year’s illegal arrivals by small boats to 823 and we’re only in March. The number of arrivals is almost double that of last year. 

Last year just under 8,500 illegal immigrants arrived by small boat and it could be close to 15,000 this year if action is taken soon. Over 62,000 are currently being accommodated by the Home Office in various four star hotels. 

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