In what appears to be an everyday occurrence, more violence has broken out in the camps of Northern France.

In Oye-Plage, France, a recent incident involving multiple migrants being injured with knives has prompted a police investigation.

On the night spanning April 7th to April 8th, a number of migrants sustained knife wounds under circumstances that remain unclear. Authorities are actively investigating the incident to ascertain the motives and circumstances surrounding the attack.

Among the injured are a 20-year-old Sudanese man and a 24-year-old Sudanese woman, both of whom sustained multiple stab wounds. The man suffered several cuts, while the woman was stabbed in the rib cage.

Emergency responders, including firefighters and police, promptly intervened to provide medical assistance to the victims. Additional individuals, mostly men, sustained minor injuries during the altercation.

A total of four minor injuries were reported, with those affected ranging in age from 23 to 24 years old. Three of the injured were treated by firefighters and subsequently transported to Calais hospital centre for further evaluation.

According to statements from the French police, the altercation appears to have arisen from tensions within the migrant community, particularly regarding disputes related to boarding boats arranged by smugglers. This group, believed to be responsible for the violence, also attempted to leave the area shortly thereafter, but their efforts were thwarted by law enforcement, who faced significant resistance.

Oye-Plage, being a sought-after coastal area for small boat departures, frequently experiences such conflicts, often involving law enforcement intervention. Additionally, tensions between migrants themselves, often stemming from various factors, contribute to the volatile atmosphere in the region.


The area also sees a significant influx of African migrants, many of whom loiter on the beaches in anticipation of opportunities to either steal or purchase dinghies for crossing purposes. These individuals, lacking financial means, often resort to risky tactics, including theft and purchasing substandard boats, to pursue their goal of reaching the UK.

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