Since the early hours of Monday morning over 145 illegal immigrants have arrived. They arrived by small boats and hidden in the back of lorries.

On the early hours of Monday around 50 illegal immigrants arrived and the following day (Tuesday) 77 arrived by boat. Over 20 also arrived on the back of a lorry.


Over the last two days (Monday and Tuesday) we have seen the scale of illegal immigration continue to grow.

On Tuesday 21 illegal immigrants landed undetected by Border Force on Walmer beach in Deal. They were seen fleeing the beach with people who witnessed the events stating they were heading into the town with intention of travelling to Birmingham.

All of the illegal immigrants who escaped were rounded up by locals and the Border Force. Two have apparently not been found.

At Haddon services on the A1(M) near Peterborough 18 illegal immigrants were found hiding in the back of a refrigerated lorry. Emergency services arrived on the scene. The illegal immigrants were all apprehended by the Police and immigration officials.

Illegal Immigrants were also ferried to Dover after being picked up mid Channel by the Border Force. They were then taken to Dover to be processed. A double decker and coaches were seen sat waiting to transport the new arrivals to a four star hotel.

Amongst some of the arrivals was a young man who had a Birmingham accent. Border Force sources have stated he was deported and managed to complete the illegal crossing again.

Questions on social media are now being raised, as to how many illegal immigrants that have been deported, are now travelling back to the UK illegally.

Dinghy storage facility

This year almost 1200 illegal Channel crossings were attempted by illegal immigrants. Over 350 that we know of have completed this journey and been put into hotels whilst they claim asylum.

Last year in 2020 almost 8,500 illegal immigrants arrived. This year that figure will double as the arrivals are almost doubling from this time last year.

It almost seems like the UK is now open to the world with no plan of stopping this. Until various agreements are scrapped and rewritten we will not see any change.

Britain still doesn’t have control over it’s own laws and affairs despite the nation voting for Brexit.

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