In 2022 last year, Bulgaria stopped more than 160,000 illegal immigrants from entering.

More than 160,000 illegal immigrants were stopped from entering Bulgaria in 2022 according to Interior Minister Ivan Demerjiev.

He made the comments after answering a few questions in Parliament and also highlighted the cooperation between Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey in stopping illegal immigration at the nation’s border.

He summed up that in 2015-16, with far fewer attempts to enter the country, more than 20,000 illegal immigrants crossed into Bulgarian territory. However in 2022, a year that see many more attempts to cross the border only around 14,000 managed to enter the country.

The minister assured that in the coming months, the fight against illegal immigration will continue to improve and see significant results.

Speaking in parliament on Thursday 5th of January, Demerjiev explained that Bulgaria’s interior ministry is preparing a large-scale operation against illegal immigrant smugglers in cooperation with Turkey. He said:

“Smugglers operate mainly from Turkish territory, the money flows that serve this illegal activity are concentrated there.”

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