Abdelaziz El Msseyah has been charged with murder after a woman died from fatal injuries following a reported assault. 

Following an investigation by Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, 57-year-old Abdelaziz El Msseyah has received a charge of murder by the Crown Prosecution Service. 

This followed a report of an assault at Cliftonville shortly before 11am on Thursday 28 January 2021, where a woman was found fatally injured. There was a heavy police presence and forensics had to appear on the scene. 

The victim had later died due to the injuries occurred. 

Abdelaziz he remains in custody and is due to appear in court today (January 29th) at Folkestone Magistrates Court.  

A fatal injury means any injury which results in death within 30 days of the incident, this includes any occupational injury of a person resulting in death regardless of the time intervening between injury and death.

Violent crimes are becoming far more common and seem to be increasing. In Margate last year violent crimes reached the figure of 1,123 despite lockdown restrictions.

Source – UK Crime stats

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