Napier Barracks is costing the taxpayer £70,000 per month to feed the illegal immigrants takeaways. 

An inside source from Napier Barracks has revealed that a local Kebab shop/restaurant has been given the lucrative contract of providing 3 meals a day to the illegal immigrants being housed there. 

Turkish takeaway restaurant Aspendos which also has restaurants in Folkestone, Hythe and Dover has been given the contract. They are receiving roughly £70,000 per month for this contract an inside source has confirmed. 

I reached out to the Home Office who told me that I had to get in contact with the people managing the Napier Barracks site (Clear Springs Ready Homes) if I wanted a response.

I then sent Clear Springs press enquiries an email asking if they would make a statement on the fact that local food supplier ‘Aspendos’ was being paid £70,000 per month to cater for the Napier Barracks residents.  

They replied: 

“We would comment as follows: – Residents at Napier Barracks are provided with three meals per day. Commercial arrangements with our suppliers are kept confidential.” 

I then responded asking if they would comment further on the matter and provide any more details but I failed to get a further response. 

Rasoul: Illegal Immigrant housed at Napier Barracks

One illegal immigrant and Napier Barracks resident named Rasoul didn’t mind his picture being shared of him settling down at the beach for the afternoon with a steady supply of Vodka-Red Bull. All paid for by the tax payer of course. Rasoul has been living at Napier barracks for four months and I got talking to the man and asked why he came to the UK he said the reason was…

“The UK will accept our answer (asylum claim) sooner than other European nations. There is alot of work and my friends told me it’s good for refugees to come here”

I then began to ask him how was the food now that its being delivered?

He stated… 

“Because the food was prepared outside it is much better… It was not Indian food it was good” 

He explained that they (the illegal immigrants) have been getting free takeaways such as pizzas, kebabs, chips and salads and can pick between a few options. He shared a picture with me of his breakfast and dinner.

I called the Aspendos restaurant and asked to speak to the owner and offered him the opportunity to go on record and explain the decision and costings of the contract. 

He was very cagey when he picked up the phone and said “No, sorry, I can’t discuss the contract” and then hung up the phone. 

Not one person I’ve spoken to regarding the £70,000 per month catering contract has denied the claim, they have merely deflected from answering the question.  


Since the Home Office, Clear Springs and Aspendos failed to comment on this, I will fill you in with what information I can confirm.  

The contract provides three meals a day per resident of Napier Barracks. They have a large menu in which they can choose from pizzas, various kebabs, chips, salads and burgers. The food is prepared in the restaurants and then delivered to Napier Barracks. 

No expense has been spared on the illegal immigrants at Napier barracks as the Aspendos has a ‘Very Good’ food hygiene and the reviews on the Aspendos Just Eat page are very positive. 

Aspendos is a Turkish family run business located in Cheriton, Folkestone. They also have sister restaurants in Dover, Hythe and Folkestone. Enquiries with Companies House reveals there are a myriad of companies that go under the ‘Aspendos’ brand name and at this stage it is impossible to determine exactly where the huge contract payments are being made. 

Napier Barracks has been a constant feature in the ‘news’ due to recent protests, violence and the incident in which some illegal immigrants assaulted staff and set fire to one of the living quarters. There has been a 24 hour police presence since the fire. The site has also had a huge amount of Covid-19 cases.

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