Yesterday illegal immigrants vandalised and set fire to one of the living quarters at Napier Barracks. 

The fire took long into the night to extinguish and has cost thousands of pounds in criminal damage. One of the living quarters at Napier Barracks was destroyed and the roof collapsed. Many other facilities such as showers, toilets and the canteens were destroyed in which it will cost thousands to replace. 

Credit: Liam T

Some staff members who were working at Napier yesterday were reported to be scared for their lives as illegal immigrants were very violent and some were carrying weapons.

Credit: Liam T

A Police investigation is now under way to find out exactly what happened and how the fire was caused. 

The risk these illegal immigrants placed on the local community cannot be ignored. A small nursery is directly next to Napier Barracks as well as many family homes close by. Children play in the field opposite.  

Many local residents are outraged at what has happened. The serious risk caused could bring the asylum claims of all involved to be re-evaluated 

Mary, 47, lives just round the corner from Napier Barracks and said “I heard the residents shouting and throwing things around… It was quite scary when thick smoke started leaving the building” she then went on to add “Ive never seen so many police, ambulances and fire engines in one place.” 

Many others have taken to social media to express how concerned they are of the ongoing situation at Napier Barracks. They have no idea who these people are and now they’re burning down ex-military buildings.  

Sources on the scene yesterday stated that many of the residents involved caused this damage because they was upset that other residents got moved into a hotel. 

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