The Illegal Immigrants being ‘temporarily’ housed at Napier Barracks have been protesting again. They have staged multiple protests over the last two weeks.

Illegal Immigrants were protesting outside Napier Barracks today claiming that they are being kept in ‘prison like’ facilities. They were protesting against the living conditions of the ex-military barracks. They were shouting abuse at the Police as well as being very hostile. 

They also tied a banner to the gates of Napier Barracks which said “This place is like a prison in our country but the methods of torture are different.”

There was a large police presence and the protest was quickly shutdown. No arrests were made and no fines were given. 

The Illegal immigrants have recently written an open letter to the Home Office in which roughly 200 residents of Napier Barracks complained about the living conditions and stated that it is not possible to social distance. They also claimed that the environment is not fit to live in.  

Living Quarters at Napier Barracks

Over 120 Illegal Immigrants have tested positive for Covid-19 and a large number have refused to take a test. 

On Tuesday Chris Philp the Home Office minister for Immigration said in a statement that

A number of individuals refused tests and have been either refusing to self-isolate or follow social distancing rules, despite repeated requests to do so… These individuals could face enforcement action and are not only risking their own health but the health of staff looking after them and the communities who are accommodating them.” 

Napier Barracks in Folkestone is currently home to over 400 Illegal Immigrants. Priti Patel the Home Secretary has recently stated that the barracks will not be closing despite pressure from the local MP and councillors.