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Nottingham Council are planning on how they are going to accommodate asylum seekers who are given leave to remain, as the Home Office works through the asylum backlog. Which basically means accepting all applications!

According to figures for the end of June 2023, 175,457 people were awaiting an initial decision on their claim.

At the end of March 2023, 74% of initial asylum decisions by the Home Office were grants of protection. That would mean 129,838 people would be given leave to remain and require housing.

More are granted leave to remain upon appeal. The appeal success rate currently stands at 43%. So that’s a figure of 19,616 people who win the right to remain.

We are then left with a figure of 26,003 who have been refused asylum. Very few of these are deported. In 2022, there were only 2,866 asylum-related returns.

So using the current number in the asylum system and the grant rate we would have 149,454 people given leave to remain and requiring a home.

149,454 people being granted asylum is similar populations to the towns of Huddersfield, Burnley, Gloucester & Poole.

Every day more people arrive, be it by boat, lorry, or legally on visas so the need for housing & growth of infrastructure continues.

This cannot continue. Our country is changing before our eyes at a scale not seen before. We have seen a decline in all of our public services due to the overpopulation of our country. People are struggling to get on the housing ladder, find a dentist, access a GP, the list is endless.



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