The government is failing with its slow repatriation progress of returning Albanians, given the substantial number of Albanian nationals who applied for asylum last year. With around 16,000 applicants still in the system, the government’s inability to manage both the influx and repatriation of illegal immigrants is clear to see.

Despite the UK-Albania Joint Communique signed in December 2022, which aimed to address the issue, only 1,788 Albanian nationals have been repatriated between then and June 1st. The lack of clarity in the current data release, particularly whether it pertains only to small boat arrivals, is contributing to concerns that the government may not be thoroughly addressing potential criminal connections among returnees.

The government’s response falls short everytime, especially considering the large number of asylum applicants.

The influx of 16,000 Albanian asylum applicants from last year adds complexity to the challenge, as a considerable portion of them is still navigating the deeply flawed and designed to fail asylum process. With public and diplomatic pressure growing, the government’s actions clearly show that they aren’t cut out for the tough decisions. Its just a constant flow of lies being drip fed to the public through vague and contorted data.

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