Over 100 Councils In England Have Agreed To Resettle Afghans  

Over 100 councils in England have agreed to resettle Afghans with only 10 percent of councils refusing to accept any of the new arrivals.

Thousands of Afghans are arriving into the UK after leaving Afghanistan because the Taliban have taken control.  

The government has put pressure on local authorities to come forward with assistance, despite knowing almost all of those areas are struggling with the already overstretched demands from the people living there.  

Roughly 30 councils have refused to take any Afghans who have arrived in the UK, which is a clear sign that those councils intend on looking after the British people who are struggling for accommodation.  

Britain has agreed to ‘resettle’ 8,000 Afghan ‘translators’ and their families, who have since been airlifted out of Kabul airport by the RAF.  

Boris Johnson has said that another 5,000 Afghans will be ‘welcomed’ to the UK this year, lifting the figure to a total of 20,000 in the long term. These numbers are of course just plucked out of thin air with no thought for how these councils will actually accommodate the Afghans when they’re struggling to look after the locals, whom are already in dire need of a home.

The request from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government towards local authorities has been met with resistance from only ten percent of England’s 333 councils.   

The majority of Afghan families arriving are fairly large, with reports of one family arriving with 20 members at Heathrow Airport this week.  

There is a national shortage of council houses, let alone houses with four or five bedrooms, that these large families will require.  

The Telegraph reported this week that ministers are considering using Pontins holiday camps to accommodate Afghan arrivals.  

Councils are also looking at renting private homes and buying or building additional properties, as well as looking at options to retain military accommodation that had been due to be sold off.  

Many people are understandably outraged that so many councils are finding accommodation at such short notice, despite having homeless people, families, and veterans included, who the councils can’t seem to house or support.  

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