Over 110,000 individuals are in receipt of asylum support according to government statistics.

As of the 31st of March 2023, there were 112,294 individuals in the asylum system in receipt of support.

56,979 of those people were in what the Home Office describes as ‘dispersed accommodation’, which is 51% of those in receipt of asylum support.

49,606 people were in contingency accommodation, which includes hotels and other contingency accommodations such as guesthouses and B&Bs. That equated to 44% of decisions.

1,651 people were in initial accommodation, which is 1% of applications.

4,058 people were in receipt of subsistence only, which is cash support only, and 4% of those in support.

As of the 31st March 2023, 15,427 properties were being used for ‘dispersed accommodation’ and a further 397 properties were being used for ‘contingency and initial accommodation’.

Not all of these people would have arrived via dinghy. Many would’ve arrived through other routes such as a lorry or even overstaying their visa to claim asylum.

Aspen Cards, which is effectively ‘asylum seekers’ pocket money cost the taxpayer a whopping £160 million last year.

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