Over 14,000 Mobile Phones Have Been Given To Illegal Immigrants By The Home Office This Year

Just this year alone, over 14,000 mobile phones have been given to illegal immigrants by the Home Office

In a shocking revelation, it has been revealed that illegal immigrants have been given the latest smartphones so that the Home Office can keep in contact with them.

A Home Office source stated that the reason they are given new phones is so that the illegal immigrants can go forward with their asylum claims over video call due to the restrictions put in place under Covid-19 legislation.

It’s not just mobile phones they are given, they also don’t have to pay for any data or calls etc. as it will all be a part of a payment plan that the taxpayer will inevitably pay for.

It’s unclear as to how much all the smartphones and the expenses that go with them is actually costing. The Home Office are yet to respond to my information request on the matter, but sources within the Border Force have said the price had been reported to be in the millions.

Across the continent, illegal immigrants are having their mobile phones checked by forensics that specialises in extracting a smartphone’s messages, location history, and WhatsApp data.

That information can potentially be turned against the phone owners themselves and help track down whom they come into contact with.

The UK, as well as Norway, have been using this programme for years to search illegal immigrants phones, however, Germany and Denmark have only in the last few years set up similar programmes. Belgium and Austria are also considering the idea.

This year, over 16,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat. Almost 4,000 of those have arrived this month, with September being yet again another record-breaking month.

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