Over 17,000 Illegal Immigrants Have Arrived By Boat This Year 


Another 669 illegal immigrants arrived on 22 boats on Sunday. Over 4,000 have arrived this month and more than 17,000 this year.

The illegal immigrants were arriving late into the evening. There were numerous beach landings, as well as the Border Force and RNLI ferrying them into Dover. They picked the illegal immigrants up mid-Channel and escorted them back to the UK.

This year’s total is now more than 17,000 and over double the number for the whole of last year, which was just under 8,500.

Roughly 700 dinghies have completed the illegal journey across the Channel from France.

Yesterday (Sunday), the French authorities reported that they stopped 197 illegal immigrants from reaching the UK, which is a miniscule number when well over three times that amount arrived.

To make matters worse, those that are returned to France are not detained, so they are free to attempt the journey again whenever they want.

The majority of the illegal immigrants that arrived will be given hotel accommodation, a new phone, money, and access to health care and education if needed.

Not a single one will be deported, just like the other 17,000 that have arrived this year, even those that fail their asylum claims.

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