Over 20,000 Life Jackets Used By Illegal Immigrants Thrown Away By The Home Office 


This year, over 20,000 life jackets used by illegal immigrants have been dumped at a landfill site.

The life jackets that have been used by illegal immigrants to cross the Channel have all been dumped at a local landfill site.

The life jackets aren’t made from recyclable materials and therefore can only be used once and ultimately thrown away.

The life jackets can’t be re-used due to safety concerns that they could have been damaged whilst used.

It’s reported that the Home Office are paying on average £42 per life jacket, which is quite a large sum of money to just throw away daily.

This year roughly £840,000 has been spent on life jackets alone and each one that had been used has been dumped at a local landfill site.

This situation is quite hypocritical considering that the government are vigorously pushing Boris’ new green agenda.


Whilst some illegal immigrants do arrive in life jackets that various charities and NGOs provide, the majority are giving a new, ‘safer’ life jacket by the Border Force or the RNLI when they are picked up mid-Channel.

This year over 26,000 illegal immigrants have arrived by boat on nearly 1000 dinghies.

Last year the number arriving was under 8,500 by boat and in 2019 it was just over 1,800.

I’ve contacted the Home Office for confirmation, however there has been no reply to my enquiries, like usual.

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