The amount of money spent feeding illegal immigrants arriving at the Port of Dover in 2021 was approximately £358,400, this includes hot food purchased from local providers such as Dominos & Aspendos as well as meals provided under a recently established catering contract. The company used for the catering contract hasn’t been made public yet.

By now most people are fully aware of the vast amount of takeaways that the Home Office purchased for illegal immigrants but the total price for the year had never been revealed until now.

I can exclusively reveal that last year (2021) £358,400 was spent just on feeding the new arrivals at Dover. That figure doesn’t include the price it costs to feed them in hotels or immigration facilities, that price is just for the port of Dover when they first arrive.

The money was spent on food and drink. The most common purchase was Dominos pizza with one of the orders being £5,000 just for one day. Many other orders were in their thousands. The orders include but are not limited to, hot drinks such as tea and hot chocolate, Dominos pizza, kebabs, chips, sandwiches, ‘in-house’ catering and various other types of hot food.

Some of the money was apparently spent on extra clothing.

A Home Office official said:

“As part of our statutory duties to those who arrive illegally, we ensure the wellbeing of those people, and we provide food, drink and clothing when needed. There are no food preparation facilities at the Port of Dover, but we sometimes provide hot food in order to fulfil our duty of care. A catering contract is now in place to feed arrivals and this should remove the need to use local fast-food outlets.”

The payments were made on a government procurement card (GPC), which is a branded purchasing card, which may be used to purchase hot food in ’emergencies’. Thats right, emergency pizza for illegal immigrants.

In support of the government’s so-called transparency agenda, the Home Office published details of all transactions of £500 and over on their website.

It’s important to note that the Home Office also stated that due to the amount of food ordered during high volume periods, some of the orders were not recorded in detail and as such some vital information may be missing. So conveniently they are unable to provide all of the information required as it is not held on their systems which brings the legitimacy of that figure into question. If not all of the purchases are recorded, it’s not possible for an exact figure to be given and my suspicions lead me to believe the figure is far higher.

The Home Office also added that some of the purchases included basic food and water provisions for staff which they claimed were purchased in bulk and cannot be separated from the price so remain included in the total. However, I suspect it’s only a very small portion of the figure.

Last year over 28,500 illegal immigrants arrived by boat that we know about.

The Home Office also spent over £1.5 million just on coaches to transport the illegal immigrants to hotels from the port of Dover.

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