In July, 3,683 illegal immigrants arrived on 90 boats (that we know about). 696 arrived yesterday on 14 boats.

The month of July was the busiest of the year so far with 3,683 arriving. The second highest month for crossings was 3,139 in June and the third highest was 3,074 in March, according to official Home Office figures for the first quarter of the year and subsequent provisional data collected by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

After being ferried over from France in small boats such as dinghies, 2,884 made the crossing in May. 2,143 in April, 1,322 in January and 144 in February.

Lord Springfield

The highest month recorded since the 2018 increase in arrivals is November 2021 when 6,971 illegal Channel crossings took place.

This year over 17,000 illegal immigrants have completed the crossing after being ferried in by the Border Force and the RNLI.

Arrivals have been diverted from Dover to Ramsgate since last week while heavy traffic on the roads and at sea was anticipated.

The diversion was expected to end last night and a decision will be made in the coming days on whether the move is reintroduced at the weekend.

There were even more arrivals yesterday and it is expected that August and September will be extremely busy for illegal immigrants arriving by boat. On average they are always the busiest months of the year. 696 illegal immigrants have already arrived on 14 boats yesterday and it’s only been one day into August.

Lord Springfield

On April 14th Priti Patel signed what she described as a “world-first” agreement with Rwanda under which the east African nation will receive illegal immigrants who are inadmissible under new immigration rules.

But the first deportation flight – due to take off on June 14th – was grounded amid legal challenges from far-left activists and various trade unions as well as the interfering ECHR.

Patel is intending to pay the French even more money with the figure reported to be in the tens of millions of pounds. The money will be used for more beach patrols and surveillance equipment, in addition to more than £80 million already provided over the last few years.

It’s been three months since the Rwanda plans were made public and not a single illegal immigrant has left yet and it’s unlikely any ever will. Since then almost 12,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in the UK after making the journey across the English Channel.

Several illegal immigrants, members of the Public, Trade Unions, and so-called charities such as Care4Calais, Detention Action and Asylum Aid are challenging the legality of the Home Office policy. The next court hearings are due in September and October.

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