At Dover last night, around 3.30am, over 50 illegal immigrants were ferried in by Border Force. 

The illegal immigrants crossed the Channel in 5 small boats (dinghies) and it was reported by people on the scene that the French authorities escorted the illegals just under halfway across the Channel.  

They were then intercepted mid Channel and was ferried to Dover by the Border Force. 

Roughly over 50-60 illegal immigrants entered the UK under the cover of darkness, despite lockdown restrictions. They arrived in masks and lifejackets. Once they reached Dover they were provided with blankets, food and drink. 

It is not known if the illegal immigrants who mad the crossing have tested positive for Covid-19.  

The first boat arrived around 3:30am and then they continued to arrive until 7am. They were then ‘processed’ whilst a double decker bus sat waiting to take them to a 4-star hotel. 

Its reported that the majority who arrived were of African origin.

All of these crossings were made possible by a slight change in the weather in which the winds dropped enough to make the crossing viable. 

This year we are seeing record figures already and if it continues as so we will see roughly between 10,000 -15,000 arrive illegally by small boat. 

We have already have had more than 300 arrive illegally by small boat this year. That’s not including the boats that arrive undetected on various beaches.

The figure for people arriving in the back of lorries is not known as it isn’t always possible to keep count.

In total 223 illegal immigrants made it to the UK last month in 15 small boats.  

There have been over 950 Channel crossings attempted in the past six weeks alone.  

The figure from this year’s illegal arrivals have gone up 50% compared to last year. 

No response has been given by the Home Office for the official figure.

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