Patel’s Invader Hotline


If a journalist had written this article two years ago people would have called them a crazy conspiracy theorist or a far-right fantasist… it couldn’t possibly be true.

However, as 2021 draws to a close I doubt this revelation will even get a mention in the mainstream media. It will be swept under the carpet despite the cast-iron evidence staring them in the face. That’s because they are complicit.

Our duplicitous Home Secretary is advertising for staff to work in a call centre that supports human trafficking.

If you’re a traitor, want to earn £11.99 / hour, can talk, know how to use a telephone and want to be part of the Home Office’s ongoing efforts to destroy our country, then why not apply?

The advert states “Due to the number of small boats trying to make the crossing each day our client is facing an ever-growing challenge of small boats in danger. The duties of the role are answering calls of small boats who are in trouble and directing the Marine coastal agency to the boat by obtaining information from the person on the other end of the call as to their location.“

At this stage of the invasion, in respect of the army of overwhelmingly wealthy, healthy, fighting-age Muslim men crossing the channel in dinghies, it’s difficult to imagine what else we could do to encourage them… until now!

The ALL FREE cocktail of mid-channel taxis, blankets, hot drinks, cash handouts, coach trips, clothes, food, laptops, mobile phones, SIM cards, connectivity, advice, health care, four-star hotels, interpreters, replacement ID, lifestyle opportunities and up-and-coming apartment or house just isn’t enough.

No… let’s provide them with a FREE mid-channel telephone hotline they can call either before or after they’ve rung the coastguard to make sure they know we are on their way and to give us just enough time to prepare everything for them just the way they like it.

It’s difficult to imagine how the phone call might go but maybe something like this;

“Hello, invasion hotline! How can Great Britain help?”

“Hey, this is Abdul. I’m just heading your way with 29 of my brothers.”

“Nice one Abdul, we’ve been expecting you. Before we start preparing your luxury room on the top floor of the Royal Carlton Hotel can I just double check you’ve thrown all your paperwork away so you can’t be formally identified?

The anticipated hypocrisy from the loony left can be predicted with absolute certainty. So can the amount of irony that will be lost on them. The same hysterical people that will be using words like ‘compassion’, ‘crisis’ and ‘humanity’ are the exact same people that slam middle-class white people who go mountaineering in bad weather.

However you dress this matter up it’s undeniable that our Government, in conjunction with Indeed, is promoting a career in criminality.

Regardless of what Patel’s Invasion Hotline staff are discussing with the illegal immigrants, its very existence is encouraging and perpetuating the channel crossings. I know it, you know it, the public knows it, the taxpayers know it and guess what… Patel, Sunak, Javid and our part-Turkish leader Johnson knows it too.

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