Plans for a new immigration centre in Dover have been approved. The site is to be used as a Home Office ‘intake’ facility. 

The Home Office have applied for permission to establish an illegal immigration intake facility in Dover. 

Plans were submitted to Dover District Council’s planning department. They applied for a change of use of the former Burgess rail welding site in Unit 5 off Channel road, behind the P&O Ferries headquarters. 

The planning application proposed the following: 

‘Change of use of Unit 5, Channel View Road from Industrial (Use Class E) to a Home Office Intake Unit (Sui Generis)’ 

Unit 5, Channel View Road

It is a clear indication that the Home Office have no intention of stopping the daily influx of illegal immigrants. The site is very much hidden out the way.  

It is also just up the road from where the illegal immigrants are currently processed. It appears that the Home Office are making preparations as the sheer scale of illegal arrivals is far too big for them to be processed at the Western Docks. 

The application was put in on 15th September 2020. Dover District Council, the District Planning Authority under the Town and Country Planning Act, has granted Full Planning Permission for the proposal in accordance with the application and accompanying plans received.

An inside source from the Home Office has hinted that building could begin on the site from around September. 

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