A Police Officer brutally KICKED an anti-lockdown protester today whilst he was being arrested at Hyde Park, London. 

A man was walking past police officers before being grabbed and thrown to the ground by 2 officers and then assisted by a third. The police then encircled the man before an officer repeatedly kicked an innocent protester. After the man was kicked by the police officer he was lying on the floor and appeared to be in a lot of pain. 


The riot police then supported the officers already at the scene and moved any protesters and photographers away from being able to see or record this brutal arrest. The man was then handcuffed and dragged towards a police van.

It appeared that the protester hadn’t done anything wrong other than walk past some police officers. 

Before this incident occurred, the event was peaceful. The police arrived at Hyde Park whilst the protest was winding down with only a few hundred remaining. They arrived in full riot gear in what seemed like an attempt to ‘entice’ the crowd. 

One young woman named Jasmine, who witnessed the police officer brutally kicking an innocent protester said: 

“I can’t believe what I just see, he kicked that poor man, he did nothing wrong… that isn’t legal.” 

I spoke to one of the officers to ask whether it was legal, but he didn’t even respond to me. So I asked another and he just shouted “GET BACK” in an aggressive manner. 

There was an extremely large police presence throughout the day despite the protest being overwhelmingly peaceful.  

Today’s anti-lockdown protest was attended by thousands of people, they peacefully marched around London to oppose the draconian lockdown measures. 

The march was peaceful and attended by people from all different backgrounds in a massive act of unity against the lockdown restrictions in place which is destroying people’s livelihoods.  

It has been well over a year since the first lockdown and the trust in the government is decreasing daily.  

The Freedom march wasn’t the only one to take place today, various other protests were held throughout the UK. Many nations all over the world held anti-lockdown protests too. 

The Metropolitan Police stated that they have made 33 arrests, with the majority being arrested for a ‘breach’ of the Covid restrictions. 

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