Polish Parliament Passed New Law To Turn Away Illegal Immigrants 


The Polish Parliament has passed new legislation that allows the Border officers to turn away illegal immigrants trying to pass through their borders.

The new legislation allows the head of the Office of Foreigners to prevent any illegal immigrants from applying for asylum or international protection after illegally entering the nation.

This move comes after Poland and surrounding nations have reported dramatic increases in illegal immigrants attempting to enter their nations.  The majority have come via Belarus and are from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Open Borders fanatics have criticised Poland’s government over its treatment of illegal immigrants at the border.

On Thursday 14th, 682 illegal immigrants attempted to cross the Polish border. Eight of the illegal Immigrants were arrested, the rest were all denied entry and pushed back.

Eleven people were also arrested for helping the illegal immigrants to cross the border. All from various EU nations.

This month there has been roughly 6,700 illegal immigrants that have attempted to cross the Polish border and over 10,000 illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border since August.

A further 1,500 illegal immigrants have been arrested and detained inside guarded facilities.

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