Priti Boats Keep On Coming

This year has already shown a huge increase of illegal immigrants arriving in the UK via dinghy. The current figure of arrivals stands at 1,565 – three times higher than April last year. Priti Patel is failing.

This morning in Dover, 41 illegal immigrants were picked up mid Channel by the Border Force, there were five children and 36 adults spread over three separate dinghies (departed from Calais).

The five children were on the first boat ferried into the harbour at approximately 8AM, they were wearing lifejackets and accompanied by – what appeared to be – their guardians.

Shortly after, the second boat arrived with a group of six young men, all wearing lifejackets.

At around 10AM a Border Force vessel named ‘Speedwell’ brought another five men into harbour (as well as the dinghy they used to attempt crossing the English Channel).

The French authorities claim to have prevented 45 illegal immigrants from completing the crossing, however they will be free to try and cross again tomorrow… and many do.
Yesterday, 40 illegal immigrants were picked up by the Border Force under the exact same circumstances. The French claimed to have stopped 106 people from attempting the illegal crossing.

A Home Office spokesman stated:
“People smugglers are putting lives at risk by facilitating these dangerous journeys. We are working closely with our partners in France to stop migrants from leaving French beaches. And attempted crossings involving more than 100 people were stopped overnight and this morning.”
The UK and France made a deal last November to stop illegal Channel crossings, however the French has so far appeared to ignore the issue and in turn, disregards the idea of having dinghies sent back to the beaches of Northern France.
The Government’s plan for immigration revealed a new bill for the ‘asylum’ system. It is set to increase to more than £1.3billion this year, from just under £1billion in 2020.
Last month the Home Secretary Priti Patel announced that border ‘guards’ patrolling the Channel will be given powers to turn back illegal immigrant boats. Despite these new given powers, they are yet to turn any boats around.
Last year 8,410 illegal immigrants arrived by boat, the majority picked up mid Channel by the Border Force, after the French had escorted them into UK waters.
In the cold months of January – April we have seen 1,565 arrivals. With the warm weather approaching we can be sure to see arrivals 24 hours a day.

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