RNLI Crew Told To Self-Isolate — Illegal They ‘Rescued’ Tests Positive For COVID-19  

RNLI Lifeboat crew have had to self-isolate due to ‘rescuing’ an illegal immigrant who tested positive for Covid-19. 

On Wednesday 4th August, an RNLI Lifeboat was called to assist the Border Force in their mid-Channel pick-ups.  

One of the illegal immigrants on the dinghy that the RNLI picked up, ended up testing positive for Covid-19. The illegal was tested once he arrived at Dover.  

On the same day 495 illegal immigrants arrived into the UK, with the assistance of various coastal organizations such as RNLI, Coastguard and the Border Force.  

Upon discovering that an illegal immigrant had tested positive, the RNLI crew members involved have had too self-isolate due to being in close contact with the illegal.   

The real scandal here being that if crewmembers have to self-isolate for ten days it will inevitably leave the RNLI understaffed and the volunteers wouldn’t be able to complete their job of saving lives at sea to the best of their abilities, however this incident has not left them short of volunteers. 

Questions have been raised as to how many illegals test positive for the virus, as well as the Border Force, Coastguard, coach drivers and RNLI crew who are all involved in the transportation and processing of illegal immigrants who have travelled across the Channel from France.

Over the last three days, just under 1,300 illegal immigrants have arrived by dinghy, roughly 5,000 since the beginning of July and over 10,000 this year in total. 

Fully vaccinated travellers arriving in England from France will no longer have to quarantine, the UK government has announced. 

London last week decided to waive the 10 days of self-isolation requirement for people coming from amber countries — which included the US and EU countries — provided they had been given both COVID-19 jabs. 

I reached out to the RNLI to get a comment on this issue, but they failed to respond to my enquiries.

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