The popular decision to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda is to be dragged back through the courts on July 19th.

Care4Calais the so-called charity along with the Trade Union Congress and the far-left organisation StandUpToRacism have raised the funding to drag this to the High Court. They’re claiming that it’s immoral to send illegal immigrants thousands of miles away to a nation they’ve never been to even though the overwhelming majority have already travelled thousands of miles to a country they’ve never been to.

The Unions involved in the attempts to block this policy are the PCS, Unite the Union, GMB, Communication Workers Union, Unison, Fire Brigades Union, NASUWT, ASLEF, UCU and BFAWU just to name a few.

Its also supported by organizations such as the RefugeeCouncil, Amnesty UK and various other pro-open border charities, groups and activists.

On Tuesday 19th July Care4Calais will be hosting a day of action with their supporters in workplaces, colleges and communities urging people to create a “Twitterstorm”. In other words theyre encouraging all of the support they have to create a false narrative.

Groups such as Care4Calais and the Unions supporting them don’t just have a problem with the government, they also have a problem with the vast majority of the general public since 70% of the UK openly supports the policy to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda. The government are just acting on the people’s will.

All of the groups I’ve previously mentioned were all extremely influential in the previous flight to Rwanda being blocked and were ultimately working against the will of the people.

Of course, the Rwanda policy is deeply flawed and not designed to stop the problem, however, it is a step in the right direction. It has an overwhelming amount of support from the general public who are desperate to see an end to illegal immigration.

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