Securo and Cromwood Under Fire for Bias and Unfair Treatment of Staff in Hotels Housing Illegal Immigrants

Securo, one of the security firms responsible for managing the security of hotels housing illegal immigrants, and Cromwood, an agency catering to the needs of such individuals by providing accommodation and other needs, have come under fierce scrutiny for their blatant bias and mistreatment of staff. Alarming inside reports reveal a troubling pattern of mistreatment and unethical practices within these organisations.

Both Securo and Cromwood have demonstrated an alarming bias in favour of illegal immigrants while subjecting their British staff to unfair treatment. Multiple employees have spoken out against these injustices, highlighting the discontent that festers within the ranks of these corporations but they wish to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons.

Insiders allege that Securo goes to great lengths to maintain a hostile environment for any dissenting voices, firing and replacing those who dare to challenge their policies. Shockingly, it has come to light that Securo keeps a dossier on known citizen journalists and activists, potentially provided by NGOs like Hope Not Hate. This revelation raises serious concerns about the infringement of privacy and the suppression of free speech.

Hope Not Hate has previously bragged about handing out a dossier with all known citizen journalists and activists that cover the immigration issue to every MP and establishment journalist in the country. From there the reports would have landed on various organisations laps, aimed at painting certain people in a negative light.

In an attempt to control the narrative surrounding the presence of protesters outside the hotels, Securo actively trains their security guards to manipulate law enforcement responses. Guards are instructed to exaggerate the situation, claiming threats of physical violence, and trespassing, and to promptly contact the police even when faced with peaceful protests.

Even more alarming is the revelation that Securo provides unlawful training to their guards, teaching them tactics to justify the use of force against protesters. These tactics include claiming that the protesters invaded their personal space and felt threatened by cameras or phones being too close to their faces. Such tactics not only undermine the rights of peaceful protesters but also raise serious concerns about the company’s commitment to lawful and ethical practices.

Adding fuel to the fire, Securo managers have been accused of inciting hatred among the illegal immigrants. By falsely warning these potentially dangerous individuals about the arrival of so-called racist protesters, Securo is stoking unrest, further exacerbating an already tense situation.

Several guards, troubled by these corrupt practices, have expressed their discontent. However, their attempts to voice their concerns have been met with swift retribution, as Securo allegedly terminates their employment without hesitation. This climate of fear and suppression of dissent paints a troubling picture of the company’s priorities and its treatment of its own personnel.

In yet another shocking disclosure, Securo has allegedly been found to employ guards whose Security Industry Authority (SIA) badges have expired, raising serious questions about the company’s responsibility to maintain professional standards. Additionally, the company has been accused of disregarding regulations set by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) when it comes to fair payment of their staff.

These allegations against Securo and Cromwood highlight a deeply concerning state of affairs within the management of hotels housing illegal immigrants. The mistreatment of staff, bias towards illegal immigrants, manipulation of law enforcement responses, violation of privacy, and the propagation of division underscore the urgent need for a thorough investigation into the practices of these organisations.

Are their instructions and authorisation to conduct in this way derived from higher authorities, namely the Home Office and more specifically the Civil Service, who grant these companies the contracts to accommodate so-called asylum seekers?

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