Serco has called for thousands of landlords to house illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

Serco, the company that has the contract to provide housing for all asylum seekers in the North West, Midlands and East of England is encouraging all landlords to rent their properties to Serco. The company also provides transportation and substance payments for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers whilst they are awaiting their claims to be processed.

Serco has stated that all types of properties are required. Everything from HMOs all the way through to 5-6 bedroom houses.

Serco stated on their website that;

“We are looking for landlords and investors across the North West, Midlands and East of England.”

Serco is responsible for tens of thousands of asylum seekers in what is an ever-growing portfolio of more than 6,000 properties. The Serco model is based on leasing properties from thousands of landlords, investors and estate agents throughout the country with Serco ‘acting’ as a tenant.

Serco offers landlords a long-term lease of at least 5 years with guaranteed rent paid on time, every month with no possibility of arrears. They will also make their own repairs and cover the maintenance costs of the property.

The utility bills will be covered by Serco so that illegal immigrants and asylum seekers dont have to pay them themselves. They will also cover the cost of the council tax for the property they rent.

With these incentives offered to the landlords, it’s clear to see why so many landlords are choosing to house illegal immigrants and asylum seekers before they consider anyone else within the nation.

Serco also pays thousands of hotels for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers to stay in whilst they are waiting for amore permanent home.

All of this is directly paid for by the taxpayer because the contract given to Serco by the government is paid for out of the public purse.

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