Terrorists are exploiting the evacuation of Kabul and using it to sneak into Europe.  

Islamic terrorists are trying to sneak out of Afghanistan on evacuation flights from to Britain and various other European nations to commit attacks.  

Terrorism deaths in Western Europe 1970-2017, based on the Global Terrorism Database. Red is for deaths in the UK, orange for Spain, green for Italy, blue for France and purple for Germany. Grey is other countries.

The armed forces minister James Heappey said:  

“Evil extremists plotting to ’cause us harm’ were exploiting the chaos in Kabul — where troops are on high alert for an ISIS suicide bomber.”  

Slow and unreliable security checks means UK officials at the airport are unable to process evacuees safely and efficiently.  

It’s been reported that British soldiers helping with the evacuation mission in the Afghan capital are also on constant watch for Islamist threats.  

There is a very real threat posed by the Islamic State. The West has been at war with Islamic extremists in Afghanistan for decades, and the risk to British soldiers and civilians stranded in Kabul is extremely high.  

In just over 24 hours, 1,821 people have been evacuated on 8 British military aircraft, with a further nine flights planned for the next 24 hours.  

The Taliban has issued a serious threat to Joe Biden. They must complete the evacuation operations by August 31st or face ‘consequences’ if the occupation continues beyond that deadline. British officials are scurrying to evacuate people before August 31st when they expecting military attacks from the Taliban to continue.

Roughly 3,800 British and Afghan nationals are hoping to be flown out by the military before the end date threatened by the Taliban.

Priti Patel has stated that 20,000 Afghans will be flown to the UK and granted asylum. 5,000 will arrive immediately.

The Government have completely ruled out continuing the evacuation on their own without the Americans help. Even if the G7 leaders can agree to a longer window, they cannot keep boots on the ground without the Taliban’s blessing, which will most definitely not be given.  

The threats from the Taliban after decades of fighting them is an absolute embarrassment to Western governments.

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