Today in Dover, the boats continued to arrive. 67 illegal immigrants were brought in by the Border Force.

Just after the busiest day of the year in which 220 illegal immigrants arrived another 67 have been ferried in by Border Force. 1,108 illegal immigrants have now arrived this year.

Todays arrivals came on 3 boats and they were all picked up mid Channel after the French escorted them into UK waters. They are then intercepted by Border Force and taken to Dover in which they will be placed under arrest for ‘entering the UK illegally’ but instead of a cell, they will receive a four star hotel.

3 coaches were parked up waiting for the illegal arrivals, they were there long before the Border Force ferried them to the UK.

There was a helicopter searching the Channel for a reported dead body, but no further information on the matter has been released.

There were some women and children arriving today which is a very rare occurrence as the majority are young men arriving.

In 2020, 8,500 people arrived on small boats – 74% were aged between 18-39, and 87% were male.

The UK has 109,000 outstanding asylum cases. Almost 73% of these claims have been in the asylum system for over one year, and 62% of UK asylum claims were made by those entering illegally – for example by small boats, lorries or without visas.

This is all costing the British taxpayers well over £1 billion a year, the highest amount in over two decades.

The sheer scale of illegal immigration is almost out of control, yesterday morning the first boat load of illegal arrivals couldn’t get processed due to not enough staff so they was placed straight onto a coach and driven to a hotel.

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